Wine Cork Crafts! Craft Projects To Upcycle Your Old Wine Corks

wine cork crafts

We came across some creative and adorable wine cork craft projects to upcycle your old wine corks, like this set of wall planters for succulents. There are some instructions available online for these little planters. They could make a dainty little cluster almost anywhere in your kitchen or Florida room!

For more creative ideas for your used wine bottles and corks, keep checking up at our Pinterest board “Wine Not: Creative Ideas” — we add things all the time. And if you need wine corks, by all means, start at our Wine Cellar. A nice side effect of grabbing wine corks is that you’ll get a full bottle of wine attached to it!

 Other Ideas for Wine Cork Crafts:

If you’ve got ideas of your own, share them with us! Come talk to us on Facebook and post your own pics!

wine cork crafts